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MSSMBS 2010 International Workshop

"Molecular Simulation Studies in Material and Biological Sciences"

Overhead and Multi Media Projectors are available. A local PC, with Microsoft XP system, and with CD and USB memory stick inputs, is available for the Microsoft Powerpoint presentations. A personal portable PC can also be connected to the dataprojector.

The results of the MSSMBS'10 Workshop have been elucidated by:

The participants are encouraged to email us if they wish to have changes for their presentation.

Proceedings:   new

It is planned to publish the Proceedings of the MSSMBS'10 by the Nova Science Publishers Ltd. (N.Y.). The participants are encouraged to email us or to bring the contributed papers in the LaTeX-format and "eps" figures (of approximately up to 10-15 pages).

Deadline: 10 December 2010

Date and Place:

September 26-29, 2010 ,JINR, Dubna, Russia

Organizing committee:

Kholmirzo Kholmurodov   (Co-Chairman),
A.V. Nemukhin (Co-Chairman, MSU)
M.V. Altaisky (Vice-Chairman)
G.F. Aru (Scientific Secretary)
V.K. Novikova (International Cooperation Department)
G.N. Timoshenko
V.A. Krylov
O.A. Mashkova
S.S. Negovelov

Organized by:

Laboratory of Radiation Biology of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research

Topics covered:

  • Novel MD simulation techniques & methods
  • Hybrid computational approaches: DFT, QM/MM, MD, MD/CFD
  • Novel computing & and communication architectures
  • General- & special-purpose MD machines
  • Video-game computers for accelerating MD
  • Simulation of biomacromolecules
  • Protein & DNA modelling
  • Simulation of radiation-induced mutations
  • Simulation of crystal & polymer systems
  • Quantum biophysics, electronic structure of macromolecules

The principal aims:

We will provide a platform for computer molecular simulation communities and scientists working in the material and biological areas to meet and share thoughts on latest trends.The main objective is to focus on the molecular dynamics simulations of chemical physics and biophysical systems.

List of keynote speakers:

  • Tomoyuki Yamamoto (Waseda University, Japan)
  • Yuko Okamoto (Nagoya University, Japan)
  • Yulia Novakovskaya (Moscow State University)
  • Victor Lakhno (IMPB, Pushchino Scientific Centre, Russia)
  • Kenji Yasuoka (Keio University, Japan)
  • Tatyana Feldman (Biochemical Physics Institute RAS)
  • Alexander Moskovskii (Moscow State University)
  • Roman Efremov (Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry RAS)
  • Alexander Nemukhin (Moscow State University)
  • Aram Shahinyan (NAS, Armenia)
  • Fuyuki Shimojo (Kumamoto University, Japan)

Registration deadline:

August 20, 2010

Registration fee:

$200 (covers proceedings, local transportation, banquet). A discount for domestic participants to be available by e-mail request.


Dubna Hotel: Dubna Hotel (costs approximately $60 per night)
An important note: No accommodation support is available for this year meeting.


Dr. Kholmirzo T. Kholmurodov,  
fax: +7(49621)65948
, phone: +7(49621)62872


Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
Medical Center "Avicenna", Ltd.
RFBR (Russian Foundation for Basic Research)
NIIPA-Dubna (Applied Acoustics Research Institute)