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MSSMBS 2010 International Workshop

"Molecular Simulation Studies in Material and Biological Sciences"


1st Announcement MSSMBS'10

IV Japan-Russia International Workshop MSSMBS 2010

"Molecular Simulation Studies in Material and Biological Sciences",

September 26-29, JINR-MSU, Dubna, Moscow region, Russia


Dear colleagues!

Good day!

Herewith we kindly invite you to the 4-th JapanRussia International Workshop "Molecular Simulation Studies in Material and Biological Sciences" (MSSMBS 2010) to be organized by JINR, Dubna, September 2629, in cooperation with the Chemistry Faculty of Moscow State University (Co-chairman: Prof.Alexander V. Nemukhin).

Although the MSSMBS'10 Preliminary Program has now been compiled, we greatly welcome all new speakers and presentation titles! For potential speakers, below a MSSMBS'10 Preliminary Program is attached! Please kindly check the details of your talk and acknowledge us the changes and addition you wish.

We have already reached agreements on publishing of our Abstract and Proceeding MSSMBS'10 Books:


The Book of Abstracts to be published by JINR Publishing Department as like as MSSMBS'08 one:

Please e-mail me your Extended Abstract files as MS Word (12pt, New Times Roman, up 2 page including 1-2 Figs, Tables, 5-6 Refs.)


The MSSMBS'10 Proceedings to be published by Nova Science Publishers Ltd. (New York) as like as MSSMBS'08 ones:

Please e-mail me your paper files as Latex-format attachment. (Use any version which is compatible with Latex2e; up 12-15 pages, including color or black and white Figs, Tables).


For the Visa application please e-mail me the copies of your passport (a main page enough) with your photo, indicating the closest to your site the Consulate or Embassy of Russian Federation. The formal invitation letters and invoices to be handed to you upon your arrival to Russia-Dubna. Your transportation from Moscow/Airports to Dubna and back Dubna-Moscow is duty on our MSSMBS'10 Organizing Committee. We will book enough rooms in Dubna hotel for all participants (the cost is $30/per night).

For your Moscow stay please make hotel reservation by yourself. We suggest Izmailovo Hotels with not so expensive prices:

Your hotel rooms in Dubna to be reserved for all conference days.


Registration Fee is $200. It includes transportation, conference abstracts publishing, reception, coffee break expenses. For the MS and PhD students regsitration fee is half discounted.

The research topics to be covered at MSSMBS'10 are as follow:

* Novel MD simulation techniques & methods

* Hybrid computational approaches: DFT, QM/MM, MD, MD/CFD

* Novel computing & communication architectures

* General- & special-purpose MD machines

* Video-game computers for accelerating MD

* Simulation of biomacromolecules

* Protein & DNA modelling

* Simulation of radiation-induced mutations

* Simulation of crystal & polymer systems

* Quantum biophysics, electronic structure of macromolecules

We will start the workshop's 2-day program in Dubna and finish it in Moscow as follows:

Arrival: Sunday, 26 September

1st day (JINR, Dubna): Monday, 27 September

2nd day (moving to Moscow, MSU Cemistry Faculty): Tuesday, 28 September

Conclusion: Wednesday, 29 September

After the workshop, you will be able to stay in Moscow for a day or two for excursions.

If you decide to participate in the MSSMBS 2010 workshop, would you, please, send me the title of your presentation as soon as possible! You are welcome to bring your students to MSSMBS 2010 because our workshops have always been oriented, in particular, toward young researchers and their involvement in scientific discussions (held in English). You will have an opportunity to make both oral and poster presentations.

The scientific programs of the past MSSMBS workshops are available here:

The Conference format will include keynote lectures (45-min) and regular oral presentations (25-min). The participation of young researchers and students is particularly welcome. For a limited number of students a reduced conference fee and cheap accommodation will be available.

The Conference will open at the International Conference Hall of JINR, Dubna, near Volga river - a beautiful place in Moscow region. The day of arrival is September 26. The scientific program will begin in the morning September 27 and will finished in MSU, Moscow, at the evening September 28, 2010. We provide a broad discussion on the radiobiological experiments and nuclear physics achievements of JINR, sightseeing of Dubna and Moscow historical sites as well.

Further information can be found on the conference web pages




which we will keep updated with the most recent news. More details will be given in the Second Announcement.

Welcome to Dubna!

Prof. Kholmirzo T. Kholmurodov,

Co-Chairman of the Organizing Committee MSSMBS'10,

E-mail: mirzo(at), kholmirzo(at)