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MSSMBS 2008 International Workshop

"Molecular Simulation Studies in Material and Biological Sciences"

Dear Colleagues,

Good day!

We are pleased to announce the MSSMBS meeting to be held for the 3-d time in Dubna, Moscow region, Russia, from 10th to 12th September 2008. For the potential participants we are kindly ask them to e-mail us the Title, Author(s), Address(s), along with the Abstract of their presentations as soon as possible. Please e-mail us 1-2 pages of simple text or MS Word attachment (11pt, New Times Roman), including 1-2 table, figures, refs., underlining the speaker name.

The series of MSSMBS Meetings started in 2004, continued in 2006 and now comes to 2008. MSSMBS is mostly contributed from the leading research groups of Japan and Russia, including participation from the European Institutes. MSSMBS'08 focuses on the different aspects of molecular simulation in material and biological research, on the computational and theoretical studies of atomic and molecular interactions, dynamics in between atoms, molecules, ions, clusters and surfaces, with emphasis on biomolecular protein simulation. The present meeting MSSMBS'08 deals in particular with:

  • Protein modelling
  • Drug design
  • Simulation of liquids
  • Liquid crystals, polymer systems
  • Simulation of radiation-induced damages and mutations
  • Quantum biophysics, electronic structure of macromolecules
  • Parallel computing for the chemical physics and biomolecular studies

The Conference format will include keynote lectures (45-min) and regular oral presentations (25-min). The participation of young researchers and students is particularly welcome. For a limited number of students a reduced conference fee and cheap accommodation will be available.

    Preliminary list of keynote speakers:

  • Victor Lakhno (IMPB, Puschino, Russia)
  • Mitsuhiro Matsumoto (Kyoto University, Japan)
  • Konstantin Shaitan (Moscow State University)
  • Kenji Yasuoka (Keio University, Japan)
  • Tatyana Feldman (Biochemical Physics Institute RAS)
  • Mikhail Avdeev (JINR, Frank Lab. Neutron Physics)
  • Roman Efremov (Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry RAS)
  • Alexander Nemukhin (Moscow State University)
  • Aram Shahinyan (NAS, Armenia)
  • Tetsu Narumi (Keio University, Japan)
  • Yuichi Masubuchi (Kyoto University, Japan)
  • Tetsuya Morishita (Res. Inst. Comp. Sci., AIST, Japan)
  • Yoshinori Hirano (School of Medicine, Keio University, Japan)
  • Abdel Kenoufi (Systems' VIP Ltd., Strasbourg, France)
  • Ekaterina Miroshnychenko (Inst.Radioph.&Elec., NAS, Ukraine)

The Conference will be held in the International Conference Hall of JINR, Dubna, near Volga river - a beautiful place in Moscow region. The day of arrival is September 10. The scientific program will begin in the morning September 11 and finished in the evening September 12, 2008. We provide a broad discussion on the radiobiological experiments and nuclear physics achievements of JINR, sightseeing of JINR basic experimental facilities and Dubna historical sites as well.

Further information can be found on the conference web pages MSSMBS'08 and Conference which we will keep updated with the most recent news. More details will be given in the Second Announcement.

Welcome to Dubna!