III International Conference

"Genetic consequences of extremal radiation situations"

Russia , Dubna, 4-7 October, 2005

1-th Announcement

Institute of General Genetics (RAS), Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR, Dubna) and Institute of Biomedical Problems (RAS) organize the III International conference and the Seminar . The Conference and the Seminar will be held in Dubna, Moscow Region, 4-7 October 2005.

The scientific program

•  Fundamental problems of radiation genetics in human, animals and plants;

•  Molecular mechanisms of radiation mutagenesis;

•  Mechanisms of DNA repair;

•  Genetic instability;

•  Adaptive response;

•  Genetic action of low doses;

•  Biological dosimetry;

•  Genetic consequences of Chernobyl , Kyshtim and Semipalatinsk pollutions;

•  The problems of space radiobiology for long orbital and interplanetary manned flights;

•  Genetic action of heavy charged particles;

•  Photo-radiobiology of accelerated heavy ions.

Working languages of the Conference and Seminar - Russian and English. Translation will be provided at all sessions.

The address of organizing committee:

141980, Moscow region,
Dubna, JINR (Dr.G.N.Timoshenko)
Tel.: (709621 6-43-13)
FAX: 7(096) 21 65 948
E-mail: drrr@jinr.ru

Co-chairmen of organizing committee

Professor V. А .Shevchenko
Professor E.A.Krasavin

Dr. V.M.Petrov


Contact secretary: Tatyana Donskova,

E-mail: Tatyana.Donskova@jinr.ru


III International Conference

"Genetic consequences of extreme radiation situations",

4-7 october 2005.

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